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Modern Standard Arabic

Most Arabs understand Modern Standard Arabic, but they don’t speak it. The language has been removed from everyday speech for over a millennium. Modern Standard Arabic is an important tool for those who want to have access to Arabic literature, philosophy or theology. We offer a comprehensive Modern Standard Arabic course to help you learn Arabic. The course will take you from zero to fluency in as little as three months.

Islamic Art


Whether you live in the Gulf or not, Gulf Arabic is much for relevant for everyday usage. It’s much easier to learn since its grammar has been simplified over time, and it tends to have more loan words from English. Learning a dialect makes it easier to interact with others especially if you're surrounded by Arabic speakers. We offer a comprehensive Gulf Arabic course to help you learn Arabic, which will take you from zero to fluency in as little as three months.

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Arabic can seem to be a difficult language at first. Its grammar is difficult, and it belongs to a language family tree unrelated to English. Arcana’s Arabic courses were developed using the Lexical Approach by Michael Lewis. The method uses a natural approach to learning that feels effortless. Students can achieve conversational proficiency in as little as three months. 

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